Facebook has been widely criticized for its scandals and bad behavior. But the company keeps raking in money.

As long as Facebook’s 2.3 billion users keep logging onto the platform, it’ll keep bringing in ad revenue, according to Ben Schachter, senior internet analyst at Macquarie Groups.

All the negative headlines — about the social media company’s role in spreading misinformation, inadequately policing content, and misusing data — have not caused “widespread and significant user engagement changes,” a recent Macquarie analyst note said.

Facebook will post its first-quarter earnings results on Wednesday after the markets close. And Schachter said it’s one of his top picks among big tech stocks.

His firm predicts Facebook will post “solid” revenues of $14.9 billion for last quarter, and he expects the company to be a strong performer this year. It’s stock price is currently about $184 per share — but Macquarie expects it to climb to $195 per share.

There are some concerns: New social media regulations around the world could slow Facebook’s growth, the recent exit of some high-profile executives has raised eyebrows, and its expenses will continue to climb as it invests in addressing safety concerns. But Macquarie is encouraged by the “shareholder-friendly” tone coming from management.