RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – More than half of high-tech workers believe they are underpaid for the value they create, according to a new survey that drew responses from more than 10,000 workers with Uber, LinkedIn and Intel topping the list for most complainers.

The complaints came despite tech workers earning on average $81.900 a year – or nearly twice the average US wage, according to trade association CompTIA in its just-published Cyberstates report.

In all, 10 high-tech firms drew more than 50 percent “True” responses to the statement: “I am paid far less than the value I create.”

This chart tracks highlights from the survey:

TeamBlind graphic

Charting compensation complaints from tech workers. TeamBlind graphic

“Tech workers are often paid more than the general population. It’s not unheard of for software engineers and other tech employees to make six figures and receive large signing bonuses,” said research firm Blind, which ran the survey using its Blind app. “This made us wonder how satisfied tech employees are with their total compensation.”

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The survey ran from March 14-22.

Companies with the lowest percentage of employees answering “False” to the question about pay were Facebook (31 percent), eBay (44.6 percent) and PayPal (46 percent.)

Companies with a minimum of 100 respondents were ranked.

The Blind survey database includes some 140,000 employees from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Uber, Apple, LinkedIn, Salesforce and more.