Here’s Monday’s wrapup of technology headlines, from IBM fighting Alzheimer’s using machine learning to the Fresh Prince star dropping his suit against Epic Games’ Fortnite, and startup success lessons from Salesforce:

More Headlines roundups:

Headlines: Good ViiV news; Apple jobs in San Diego; AT&T spectrum buys; Bezos, Microsoft back fusion; Alexa music update; new Fitbit devices

Headlines: Corning bendable glass; Qualcomm says 5G rush is on; Fortnite challenger; Google political ad ban; MIT, IBM push AI; cybersecurity shortage

Headlines: Password-free future; Fortnite’s new rival; IBM blockchain cybersecurity; Netflix of podcasts; AT&T reassures Ted Turner; Liquidia CFO; 5G to boost IOT

Headlines: IBM ups quantum performance; WeWork layoffs; Tivo to split?; fintech regulation; identifying data brokers; 5G healthcare