RALEIGH – VitalFlo, a startup focusing on lung health analytics that has already developed a patent-pending mobile device, has wrapped up a $200,000 fundraiser.

According to an SEC filing, the company has raised its target amount from 10 investors.

VitalFlo launched the funding effort last April. It includes a mix of debt, options and warrants.

Also in April 2018, VitalFlo landed a $75,000 investment from Virginia-based The Launch Place. The startup also received a $50,000 grant from NC IDEA last year.

VitalFlo’s device, called a spirometer, is part of the firm’s lung analytics platform. The device was developed to help asthma patients manage their condition in a reliable fashion.

Tech on Tap Conversation: Luke Marshall, CEO, VitalFlo

Launched in 2017, VitalFlo’s team has already been showcased and won awards in startup events at N.C. State’s Lulu eGames as well as a NASA future contest and a Big Launch Challenge put on by The Launch Place.

“VitalFlo’s vision is to build a future without asthma attacks,” according to Luke Marshall, founder and CEO of VitalFlo. “Our lung health analytics platform, powered by its handheld medical device and digital health management app, enables asthmatic patients to track their lung health and asthma medications at home.”

There are 25 million Americans that suffer from asthma symptoms, said Marshall. “That’s 25 million Americans that aren’t sure about whether they’ll have trouble breathing today, whether they’ll miss school or work today, or about whether they’ll be one of the 10 Americans that will die today from asthma.”

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The company’s VitalFlo mobile spirometer and smartphone application enables anyone with asthma symptoms or medications monitor their lung function. They company uses predictive analytics to determine whether a patient is at risk of an attack, and notifies them so they can avoid missed days, trips to the emergency room, or worse.

VitalFlo’s “management team is committed with a well thought out plan and they have established an excellent team of trustworthy advisers,” said Eva Doss, CEO of The Launch Place, when the investment was announced.

Its device was developed by company cofounder and Chief Technology Officer James Dieffenderfer [pictured above with the device] while he was an NCSU student.

Marshall has said VitalFlo is also developing a lung health data repository.