RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Members of Gen Z are most interested in working for IBM, according to a new study from employment firm Glassdoor.

Millennials pick Amazon as their top choice, but IBM is No. 2.

“Gen Zers are aspiring to work in tech — the majority of job applications from Gen Zers were for companies in the tech industry, followed by business services, finance and retail,” Glassdoor reports.

“IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Deloitte are the top five companies that Gen Z are applying to on Glassdoor.”

Based on reviews posted at Glassdoor, the study finds that key wants include:

  • “work environment”
  • “flexible hours”
  • “good pay”

Other wants include “free food,” “company discount” and “easy work.

“Cons” include “long hours” and “low pay.

Gen Z is identified as people born between 1997 and 2012, so many are not yet in the workforce. Millennials  were born between 1981 and 1996.

Here’s are jobs Gen Z workers want:

Glassdoor graphic

Charting Gen Z jobs. Glassdoor research

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