CHAPEL Hill – Launch Chapel Hill recently celebrated its 2019 spring cohort at its downtown headquarters.

More than 40 companies applied for the 10 spots in the business accelerator program designed to turn early-stage businesses into self-sustaining enterprises — in just 16 weeks.

Here’s a look at what’s in store:

  • blockciti is a royalty-based social platform where users to earn rewards for their network contributions.
  • Cadre VR is a virtual reality media company specializing in 3D 180-degree and 360-degree video content. The company creates narrative VR films as well as VR social media marketing services.
  • City News Beat is a nationwide, local news network for connected television. In a hub and spoke production model, City News Beat applies trending topic data of local interest to produce daily video news stories from publisher brands consumers already know, delivering an updated, informative, binge-worthy local news experience on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Samsung TVs.
  • Everywhere Ad is a rideshare advertising platform for small businesses. Everywhere Ad pays Uber and Lyft drivers to market small, local businesses to rideshare passengers through a mobile advertising platform, allowing drivers to increase their income, passengers to receive exclusive deals and small businesses to increase their customer base.
  • Indy Care transforms independent pharmacies into collaborative healthcare hubs that communities look to for acute care, screenings, diagnostics, holistic support and insights into how to be well and stay well.
  • Ozanam Strategic Insights collects statistically-significant data sets on customers in developing and emerging markets. Ozanam applies soft and hard sciences to this data to create unique profiles that help clients better understand their customers and markets. This allows clients to prevent mistakes and operate strategically.
  • Phyta provides new strategies of seaweed cultivation to promote plastic substitutes, climate resilience and economic development. In addition to offering a sustainable and cost-effective consumer ingredient, Phyta seeks to build out the marine carbon and nutrient credit market. With growing global demand for marine-based companies to actively support planetary health, Phyta will use existing markets and distribution channels to increase the commercial viability and social impact of seaweed – thereby supporting the growth of the industry in the U.S. and internationally.
  • SP0T is a mobile app that gives you access to a personalized map of interesting places found by people in your community, along with secret spots shared between your friends.  SP0T brings the personalities of hole-in-the-wall restaurants, dive bars, shops, and hidden gems in nature to life by creating digital guestbooks that only the spot’s visitors can see. SP0T unlocks authentic experiences that you never knew existed and empowers anyone to rediscover their world.
  • Trafficlight is an activity-based social connection app for connecting like-minded people who have collided in the real world.
  • Visual Data Tools creates modern data analysis and visualization software for the Mac platform. The tools take a unique visual approach to data analysis and programming.

Launch Chapel Hill welcomes 10 startups for spring cohort, including ‘next CNN’