The Internet of Things (IoT) is any endpoint that connects to the internet. With that definition, every person on earth with modern day access to the internet is a part of the IoT. When you go deeper it is a big and sometimes confusing concept to unpack. Today we are talking to Nancy Shemwell, who is the COO of IoT community and is helping us to unpack IoT as we talk about its genesis, benefits and potential dangers.

The IoT community is a 23000 member organization that seeks to support large companies and entrepreneurs in various verticals within the Internet of Things through thought leadership and the sharing and exchanging of ideas and trends.  We talk to Nancy about IoT Community’s Centers of Excellence in Healthcare and what their events do to uplift the larger tech community.

IoT community offers seminars and events throughout the year. Their next virtual event is coming up on December 11th and their next IoT Slam live is in June 2019. You can find more information on becoming a member and more information on their events on