RALEIGH – LexisNexis is rolling out a new service that its president says will provide clients with “smart data discovery.”

The new Nexis Data as a Service [DaaS] is designed to enable customers to utilize predictive analytics and machine learning.

“Smart data discovery with Nexis DaaS is a powerful asset enabling companies to identify relevant datasets, decipher patterns, build and test models and distribute and operationalize data findings,” said Nexis Solutions President Todd Larsen. “This will save time and resources and allow companies to gain new insights from data more quickly and efficiently than ever before.”

According to the company, features include:

  • Comprehensive source universe—Access to petabytes of data including global print, broadcast, web news and social commentary, company and industry data, regulatory and legal data.
  • Optimal data integrations—Delivery via flexible APIs providing normalized, XML-based, semi-structured data.
  • Robust enrichments—Enriched with multiple feature extractors and metadata related to more than 7000 subjects and industries.
  • Experienced big data partner—45 years of experience with content aggregation and multiple patents on machine learning, clustering and other big data applications decades before mainstream use.