DURHAM – Here’s a look at the InsurTech startups showcasing their technology at the Techstars-MetLife Digital Accelerator demo event in Durham on Thursday night:

  •  Company: Aligned Business

An end-to-end digital platform that enables carriers to rapidly create, define, underwrite and distribute any category of insurance product to any market.

Country: Singapore, Singapore

Team: Susan He, Cofounder and CEO; and Kevin Jin,

Cofounder and CTO

‘Health entertainment,’ MamaMend, more: Techstars, MetLife showcase InsurTech innovation

  • Company: AnswersNow

Platform that supports parents of children on the autism spectrum by pairing them with their personal certified expert and providing clinical interventions.

Country: Richmond, US

Team: Jeff Beck, Cofounder, CEO; John Curd, Cofounder, CTO; Adam Dreyfus, Cofounder, CSO

  • Company: Buddy

On-demand accident insurance to enable people to explore the world and have adventures.

Country: Richmond, US

Team: Charles Merritt, Cofounder, CEO; David Vogeleer, Cofounder, Head of Tech; Jay Paul, Cofounder, Head of Insurance;Chris Dickey, Advisor, Head of Ops;

Brittany Adams, Specialist, Insurance Operations

  • Company: Enroll Hero

Personalized recommendation tool that helps seniors pick the perfect Medicare plan in seconds

Country: Santa Monica, US

Team: Mark Lee, Cofounder, CEO; and Bryan Kocal, Cofounder, CTO

  • Company: FitBliss

B2B software platform that connects wearable health data with work performance to optimize productivity in the wordplace

Country: San Jose, US

Team: Navid Rastegar, Founder, CEO; and Tejaram Nidamanuru, Founding Engineer

  • Company: FIX: Fitness Interactive Experience

Pioneer in Health Entertainment, delivering a unique blend of gameplay and health behavior change.

Country: Atlanta, US

Team: Mike Tinney, Cofounder, CEO; Jeff Abeles, Cofounder, Design; AJ Kolenc, Cofounder, Development Director; Ali Thomason, Cofounder, Health Coach.

  • Company: Halo Insurance

Halos Insurance is a consumer insurance broker that complements traditional insurance with loss preventative products and services

Country: Washington, DC, US

Team: Satadru Sengupta, Founder, CEO

  • Company: MamaMend

The digital health companion that guides you through the ups and downs of life after childbirth by providing personalized, affordable, and fast answers to health and wellness questions.

Country: Boulder, US

Team: Sara Bates, Cofounder, CEO; and Jon Bates, Cofounder, CTO

  • Company: Portabl.co

A comprehensive subscription service that protects freelancers and gig workers with personalized insurance and savings products and other benefits.

Country: London, UK

New York, New York

Team: Mike Minett, Founder, Chief Ideas Guy; Ali Lanning, Head of Product and UX; Kieron Lanning, CTO

  • Company: Safely

Through data analytics, background checks and a contributory database, Safely provides $1M of commercial insurance for property managers and homeowners who rent Airbnb and HomeAway.

Country: Atlanta, US

Team: Andrew Bate, Cofounder, CEO; Lui King, Cofounder, COO; Sharon Bate, Manager, Customer Success