MORRISVILLE – Transenterix Inc., a robotics surgery company, saw its stock jump nearly 7 percent Tuesday after an updated third quarter outlook that beat expectations.

Transenterix sold four of its multi-port surgical robots, the Senhance Surgical System, during the quarter, according to the company’s press release. Previous guidance was to sell three systems.

The Morrisville, North Carolina-based company said it expects those sales to drive revenue of approximately $5.4 million, slightly better than analyst expectations.

That number would improve on its third quarter 2017 revenue of $183,000. At that time, Transenterix was still implementing and paying off its acquisition of the Senhance System.

“As we look towards the remainder of 2018 and into 2019, we are focused on increasing the applicability of Senhance to more patients, surgeons and hospitals and growing on a global basis,” said CEO Todd M. Pope in a statement.

Pope said the company also made progress through its acquisition of Israeli-based MST Medical Surgeries Technology Ltd. in late-September. Transenterix expects to close that acquisition during the next quarter.

The acquisition will give the company a new, ready-to-use research and development center in Israel. Pope had also said Transenterix hopes to use MST’s software to improve the efficiency of Senhance for surgeons.

The company sold one Senhance System in the third quarter to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, a $19 billion health care provider.

The medical center intends to implement Senhance at its Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh, which focuses primarily on gynecologic and obstetric services.

The other three sales came in the Europe, Middle East, Africa region, one of which went to a medical center in the Netherlands.

Transenterix said as of Sep. 30, it had approximately $82 million left in cash and cash equivalents. Assuming the funding of $20 million in potential future debt the company owns, that is sufficient to fund the business through 2020.

The company’s shares were trading at $6.03 in after-trading hours Tuesday evening, a 6.9 percent increase from the previous day’s close.

This story is from the North Carolina Business News Wire, a service of UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Media and Journalism