ASHEVILLE — ACF Technologies, an Asheville-based company specializing in helping organizations improve customer service experiences, has acquired Q-nomy UK Ltd., a company that produces software that also serves to improve customer service interactions, for an undisclosed amount.

Q-nomy is a Great Britain-based subsidiary of Q-nomy Inc., which was founded in 2002 and headquartered in Miami.  Last year, it launched the first app market dedicated to customer journey optimization apps.

Q-nomy Inc.’s customers include AT&T, Vodafone, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service and the U.S. federal government.

ACF Technologies

“We wish to focus on our product development and on supporting our partners who are closer to the market and can provide the best solutions,” said Eran Reuveni, executive vice president at Q-nomy Inc.

ACF Technologies was established in 2003 in the customer service technology industry. It focuses on innovating patient flow management, digital signage, omnichannel integration, customer feedback systems and virtual queuing.

Under ACF Technologies’ ownership, Q-nomy UK will maintain all of its obligations to customer service promised to its current customers.

“With Q-nomy UK, we saw a great opportunity to acquire a footprint within the UK and serve as a launchpad into Europe,” said ACF Technologies CEO Jan Opalka in a statement. “Together, we will help organizations improve customer experiences and provide our clients and partners with a seamless transition.”

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