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Wireless providers offer variety of hurricane discounts – even smartphone drying

Wireless providers offer variety of hurricane discounts – even smartphone drying

Wireless service providers and some partners are making a variety of offers to assist customers during Hurricane Florence, ranging from free service to open access at WiFi locations, smartphone drying and in-store discounts for merchandise.

Here is a breakdown by provider:


AT&T is offering unlimited talk, text, and data during the storm to its wireless and prepaid subscriber customers.

“AT&T has helped lessen the burden on customers through many natural disasters so they can take care of what matters most – helping their friends and families through this tough time,” the company says.

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Verizon also is “committed to provide free calling, texting and data to its postpaid and prepaid customers who reside in the areas most impacted by the storm. ”

The company says it also has lifted speedcap restrictions for first responders.

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Verizon partner Victra

Victra, a large reseller of Verizon services which is based in Raleigh, is offering a variety of discounts in its stores located in hurricane-affected areas:

 preparation for the hurricane and to help people in our communities across the Carolinas, Victra, Raleigh-headquartered operator of Verizon Wireless stores, is offering the following complimentary services in hurricane-affected areas:

  • 30% discount on portable power supplies to charge a smartphone if the power is out
  • In the event of power outages and/or flooding, charging stations for residents in any stores that have power themselves
  • Also where flooding occurs: smartphone dry-out services – a one-time service using our Redux technology to dry out phones or other small devices with potential water damage (learn more here:https://www.victra.com/redux.aspx)
  • Offers will be available through Friday, Sept. 21.


T-Mobile is offering free services to active customers across the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia and Maryland who “are not already on an unlimited plan.”

“Pay as you Go and postpaid plans that do not include data will receive free talk/text only,” the company notes.

T-Mobile also says stores will remain open “as long as it’s safe.” “They will have water, mobile generators, device charging stations, car and wall chargers and other supplies available” to customers and affected employees, the company said.

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Sprint is waiving call, text and data coverage fees for its customers in the Carolinas and Virginia through Sept. 25.

“Customers on Unlimited plans will continue to enjoy their unlimited data, call and text benefits,” the company said.

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Spectrum Wireless

Charter Communications just launched Spectrum Wireless, and normally its WiFi network in the Carolinas region is available only to its customers.

However, during Florence, Spectrum is opening more than 5,000 WiFi “hotspots” for all wireless users.

“These hotspots are open to all users until further notice in coastal communities like Wilmington, N.C., and Myrtle Beach, S.C., as well as inland to the Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Fayetteville and Greensboro areas, Spectrum said.

To find WiFi sites, visit Spectrum’s listing site.

Republic Wireless

Raleigh-based Republic Wireless has announced no special offers but said it is geared up to support customers and to “minimize service disruptions.”

“Members needing assistance during this event are urged to first use our self-service Help Center and Member-to-Member support options (Experts and Community) whenever possible, reserving Help Ticket requests for account-specific questions and service issues,” Republic said.

More information is available at Republic’s website.

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