People in need of health care during Hurricane Florence can get virtual assistance free of charge thanks to UNC Health Care and national service provider Doctor on Demand.

UNC provides virtual care that includes real-time access to doctors through UNC Urgent Care 24/7.

Patients can access the service through their phones or mobile devices such as tablets and computers.

“As we said when this service launched, the virtual technology fits with our mission of providing care to all North Carolinians at any time,” says Dr. Bill Roper, CEO of UNC Health Care. “We believe waiving fees for UNC Urgent Care 24/7 is a concrete way for our health care system to serve North Carolinians during Hurricane Florence.”

The free offer begins at 12 a.m. Friday Sept. 14 and ends at 11:59 p.m. Sunday Sept.16.

Patients must be in North Carolina at the time of the consultation. UNC Health Care says people with emergency needs such as chest pain should still go to a hospital.

Typical costs are $49.

The app for the service can be dowloaded at iTunes.

And at the Google Play store.

UNC Notes: “To register and create a UNC Urgent Care 24/7 account, visit or visit the Apple App and Google Play stores to download the app to a smartphone or tablet.  Patients should use the offer codeUNCFLORENCE2018 from the website or app.”

Doctors on Demand offer

Doctors on Demand is available through its website and provides video services.

Interested users need to download an app.

The code FLORENCE2018 is needed for a free consultation.

The website says “typical wait time to connect with a doctor is under 5 minutes.”

The app is available at iTunes.

It also can be downloaded at Google Play.

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