Jesica Averhart is the Executive Director of Leadership Triangle. Leadership Triangle is a non-profit organization that was established to build leaders and promote our region through leadership development courses, networking, forums and their annual Leadership Summit.

Laney Tipton sat down with Averhart to talk about the mission of Leadership Triangle, the idea of building our communities into a unified region and Jesica’s journey to the helm of this organization.

After the break, Jesica and Laney talk about career advancement, career advice and when to say no. The two also talk about the benefit of having a diverse group of top-level managers and how that impacts company culture and the bottom line.

Leadership Triangle offers classes on a rotating basis in both the fall and the spring and hosts an end of the year awards gala to honor high-quality leaders. You can apply or nominate someone for a Leadership Triangle Award and find more information on all classes and programs online at