DURHAM — A director of Iqvia Holdings Inc. has sold $28.1 million worth of stock in the health information technologies and clinical research company last week, according to a Form 4 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday.

John G. Danhakl and Leonard Green & Partners sold 221,900 shares he oversaw at an average price of $126.63. Danhakl now oversees an investment of 3,154,267 shares in the company worth more than $403 million. The transactions were made Sept. 7.

Iqvia shares closed Monday at $127.91, up 89 cents, or 0.70 percent, from last Friday’s close.

Danhakl has been on the board since October 2016. Currently, he serves as the managing partner of Leonard Green & Partners LP, which manages more than $23.5 billion in investments. He is also on the board of 21 other companies.

The company, based in Durham and in Danbury, Connecticut, provides biopharmaceutical research analytics, which use data and science to help health care clients find better solutions for their patients.

Currently, Iqvia has approximately 55,000 employees in more than 100 countries.

Iqvia’s stock price soared in late July after its second quarter earnings beat analyst expectations.

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