The top stories on tap start with a warning about artificial sweeteners and new studies that allude to dangerous health concerns regarding them. Drone delivery for medical purposes takes it maiden test voyage. Plus, there is a company in Raleigh capitalizing on the increase in gambling participation by incorporating charitable giving.

Before the team talks about the absence of Google from the latest congressional hearings surrounding social media and keeping the integrity of the electoral process, they detail an upcoming life science event happening at LaunchBio.

Laura Blake introduces the deep dive by talking about the WRAL documentary Connecting the Bots with stories coming to TV and Jason, Michael and Laura talk about the idea of making your career future proof and what professions they would be OK having a robot substitute a human.

The conversation snippet is with Jesica Averhart, executive director of Leadership Triangle, talking with Laney Tipton about the idea of seeing our region as the Triangle rather than separate silos if we want to see it advance and attract big name companies.