WRAL TechWire Editor Rick Smith pens some more personal opinions and writes about ongoing efforts to expand the TechWire audience at our LinkedIn website. For example, today after returning from some time off, he explains the benefits of summer-heat therapy that left him as hot and sweaty as the Yankees’ CC Sabathia.

These posts are part of our effort to reach more people through LinkedIn and other social media. The LinkedIn collection focuses on recaps of TechWire-posted reports about the latest news and trends in tech, startups, life science and biotech and encourages reader feedback.

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“I prefer not to write about me or my own opinions at TechWire since the news space is best utilized to provide coverage of North Carolina’s surging tech and life science ecosystems,” Smith says. “I also would prefer to write about new products and services or what we are continuing to grow, such as Shannon Cuthrell’s great work on what we believe is the best statewide tech events/information calendar to be found anywhere.

“Our LinkedIn site is a great place for me to share some ‘inside baseball’ and talk about issues that aren’t necessarily tech related.”

Also, Smith adds, “I like the interaction with readers through the direct feedback LinkedIn affords. I hope more of you will sign on to follow us on our journey that dates back to 2002.”

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