In part two of our two-part live recording at Tek Mountain, Rick Smith and Michael Baylor continue their celebration of innovation in Wilmington, N.C.

Being based directly out of the co-working spaces within Tek Mountain, these startups have the opportunity to collaborate and connect to a thriving community of like-minded and diverse individuals. In this installment of our time down at Tek Mountain’s 3rd annual Summer Bash, Rick and Michael talk to Petrics, My BeeHyve and Cucalorus.

Petrics is changing the way we see pet health by providing products and tailor-made food suggestions to help your dog or cat live long and full lives.

My BeeHyve has taken a new approach to the traditional CRM for small business owners in the earlier stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

And Cucalorus is a nationally known film festival that marries the history of film in Wilmington and the emerging tech scene.

Each of these companies is a testament to the great things happening in North Carolina as a whole and we were happy to dig into the what, how and why they call Wilmington home.