Entrepreneurs, innovators and executives from across North Carolina are invited to attend Startup Summit, a two-day educational event that will take place this fall in Raleigh.

Startup Summit will offer attendees the opportunity to connect with their peers and be introduced to potential future collaborators or partners, participate in educational workshop sessions, and hear insight from leading entrepreneurs and investors in keynotes and fireside chats.

The event will be held Oct. 15 and 16 at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library at NC State University.

The program’s creator and lead organizer is Mark Bavisotto, who heads Startup Grind Triangle and organized the Triangle’s first SUG Conference last year.

The event is not associated with Startup Grind.

Bavisotto says several goals have been set for the program—to educate startups on the best practices used by successful founders and executives, to provide a forum for networking and relationship-building among the Triangle community, and to connect startups to angel investors and venture capitalists.

“We want our attendees to walk away with practical information that they can apply to their business or role,” Bavisotto added.

The event kicks off in the morning of October 15 with opening remarks from Bavisotto and a keynote on the difference between sales and business development from David Gardner, serial entrepreneur and managing partner of Cary seed fund Cofounders Capital.

Three sessions will follow:

  • “Where to Begin, What Is Important, and What to Focus on and When” from George Deeb of Red Rocket Ventures
  • “Why You Must Nail UI/UX in Today’s Fast Paced World” from Dan Parham of Neighborland
  • “Growth Marketing Strategies: User Acquisition and Retention” from Tom Simon of Zookies Cookies

Next, Walk West CEO Donald Thompson will deliver a keynote about how to build a team.

More sessions will be carried out throughout October 15:

  • “How a Pivot Saved My Business” by Monica Wood of Myxx
  • “Keys to Building and Launching a Successful Product” by Dr. Steven LeBoeuf of Valencell
  • “How to Build a Savvy Brand” by Grace Ueng of Savvy Growth
  • “Finding and Bringing Together the Right Team to Build and Scale up a Product” by Zach Maurides of TeamWorks
  • “How to Develop a Revenue Cycle That Bridges the Gap Between Sales and Marketing” by Susan Wall of Oracle + Bronto

Day two will start off with a keynote from Bee Downtown Founder and CEO Leigh-Kathryn Bonner on finding partnerships for a social-focused mission.

Sessions to take place on October 16 include:

  • “Innovate: From Idea to Launching a Real Product” by David Levin of Bivarus
  • “Sales 101 for Entrepreneurs” by Vince Beese of Sales@Scale
  • “Man V Machine: How Humans Are Driving the Next Age of Machine Learning” by Richard Boyd of Tanjo.AI
  • “How to Nail Your Growth Round” by Lee Prevost of Dude Solutions
  • “When to Hire Your First VP of Sales” by Eric Boggs of RevBoss
  • “When Your Company Becomes an M&A Candidate” by consultant and advisor Michael Cristinziano
  • “How to Build and Scale Repeatable and Predictable Revenue” by Ryan Walsh of RepVue

A VIP happy hour will conclude the event at 5:30 p.m.

Startup Summit’s partners include NC State, Oracle, NC IDEA, JLL, Bank of America U.S. Trust, Cofounders Capital, Hire Networks, Successive Technologies and Startup Grind.

Bavisotto says he expects a turnout of around 300 to 400 people.

Stay tuned for two major keynote speaker announcements coming up soon.

The price of registration ranges based on the type of ticket. The options are outlined on Eventbrite here.

(Note: This story has been corrected to make clear the event is not a Startup Grind event.)