Innovate Durham is a 12-week, startup-in-residence program that pairs local innovators with the local government. Michael talked to two of the individuals at the helm of Innovate Durham, Ben Kittleson and Caley Patten.

Though Innovate Durham has its roots in programs around the country, its origin is really a story of innovation in the unlikeliest of places. A budget analyst figured out how to make things happen by connecting the local community to problem areas on a municipal level.

The team at the City of Durham is finding creative ways to make government work better for its constituents by putting thought leaders in the driver seat. In its first year, Innovate Durham partnered four local startups with four departments and saw amazing results, and this year they are expanding their reach and impact.

The deadline for startups and individuals looking to apply for the program is July 23. You can see more information on the program, its requirements, and everything else the City of Durham is doing to support innovation at