The lead-in to the top stories on tap is a shoutout to local startup founder Cindy Eckert (formerly Whitehead), who recently reacquired Sprout Pharmaceutical (sold to Valeant Pharmaceuticals) for next to nothing. Net Neutrality is back, depending on your state, and our team cuts through the clutter to get to what it means to the consumer. Epic Games’ vision of cross-platform play is being stalled by Sony console manufacturers.

During the Amazon Watch 2018 segment, Jason, Michael and Laura talk about the recent studies around Bay area residents wanting to leave the region and the state, due to the rising cost of living. The team wonders whether or not this could be foreshadowing a future for the Triangle if Amazon and Apple choose our region.

During the conversation teaser with Infinia ML CEO, Robbie Allen, Jason and Robbie dig into the use cases and unintended implications of AI. The deep dive for the week is centered around privacy issues with Facebook (political and personal) and privacy safeguards announced by Apple at WWDC.