RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – A workforce organization’s chapter in Research Triangle Park is looking to link information technology workers with employers who are looking to hire.
CompTIA AITP Research Triangle Park  looks to help people not only to launch but advance careers in technology through a mix of training, networking and mentorship opportunities. And they are doing so in a region where tech opportunities continue to grow.
According to CompTIA’s Cyberstates 2018 report:
  • Raleigh’s tech sector added 3,910 tech jobs in 2017, bringing total tech employment in Raleigh to 87,600
  • The tech sector contributes $14.1 billion to the Raleigh economy.
  • The average tech industry wage in Raleigh is $104,680

As part of its outreach, the group is hosting a panel discussion Thursday night that focuses on the experiences of foreign-born entrepreneurs who have chosen to start companies in the Triangle.

The panel will be moderated by Ciprian Popiviciu, a Romanian entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of Nephos6, an IPv6 training and management company based in Raleigh.

Talking jobs, skills, mentoring

Richard Otteson, president of CompTIA AITP Research Triangle Park, talked with WRAL TechWire about the organization:
  • Tell us about the tech workforce initiative – how is CompTIA AITP RTP is helping people find jobs and companies find workers.
Our mission is to provide leadership, education, collaboration, networking and professional development opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds in the community who are interested in pursuing careers in IT.
We encourage a diverse audience that includes members and guests ranging from CIOs at leading companies to experienced professionals making a career change to students who are looking to jump-start their tech careers.
The events and networking opportunities we host not only provide insight into potential job opportunities, but also help open lines of communication and encourage mentorship across a wide range of experience levels.
  • What do you hope to accomplish with this event?
By sharing life experiences with others who may be facing similar challenges, or are unsure how to begin their career journey, we aim to help build up confidence and bring a more diverse group of workers into the IT industry.
  • The NC Technology Association reported that there were 20,000 open IT jobs in North Carolina. How can your group help companies put more people to work?
Getting the right candidate in front of the right company (and hiring manager) can be a daunting task. By providing a venue based on a relaxed social setting, we strive to open lines of communication that result in personal one-on-one communication and mentorship opportunities.
Job boards, recruiters, and referrals are all great portals to connect job seekers with potential employers, yet there is no substitute for direct communication.