Google is rebranding its Google Research division as Google AI and is expanding its Google AI website to emphasize the importance of AI and machine learning across all of its platforms and products.

In a blog post, Christian Howard, editor of Google AI Communications, writes that “For the past several years, we’ve pursued research that reflects our commitment to make AI available for everyone. From computer vision to healthcare research to AutoML, we have increasingly put emphasis on implementing machine learning techniques in nearly everything we do at Google.”

Google uses AI to analyze images in Google Photos, translate languages, diagnose disease, discover new planetary systems, and power the navigation systems in its driverless cars.

He says Google is unifying its efforts under Google AI to reflect that commitment. It is renaming its affiliated Twitter and Google + channels to Google AI as well.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin, in a letter to investors last month, called AI “The most significant development in computing in my lifetime,” calling it “a technology renaissance.” But he also warned that “Such powerful tools bring with them new questions and responsibilities.”