DURHAM – 3DFS Software, based in Pittsboro, a company with innovative digital electricity saving and efficiency technology, won the NC Tech Startup Showcase determined by attendee votes at the State of Technology event in Durham, Friday.

The Showcase featured emerging companies focusing on healthcare, communications, and much more. Here’s a look at the Showcase players.

Anatoli Oleynik, left, and Christopher Doerfler, of 3DFS. Copyright Capitol Broadcasting Co. All rights reserved.

Defined electricity

Defined electricity incorporates real-time computing into data acquisition opening  a new layer of electricity informatics providing a deeper, wider and richer understanding of power flow. This knowledge and other coordinated innovation allows 3DFS Technology to digitally synchronize electricity in real time, slashing loss significantly, Christopher Doerfler, said.

Every time we use electricity in the U.S., the grid uses 2 Watts to deliver 1, which in addition to wasting energy, affects the environment.

“3DFS solves that problem,” Doerfler said in his six-minute presentation. “Software defined electricity eliminates loss and loss free electricity is a totally new concept. It provides balance, stability, resiliency and saves power. It’s the cornerstone of what we need on the grid.”

It solves a host of problems, from surges, fluctuations, overheating, brownouts, power disruption, and more. It can even track the electricity use of every device, no matter how small.

“Our innovation, real time computing and artificial intelligence, processes terabytes of data in a minute,” Doerfler said.

The company makes a small device that sits next to an electricity panel to provide the software defined electricity. The company says its products instantly improve profitability via heat reduction, increased uptime, data and analytics, and forecasting.

Other startups in the Showcase:

‘GPS for healthcare’

BeWell , based in Raleigh, makes a patient engagement platform for mobile devices, that helps both patients and doctors monitor their care plan. CEO Matt Womble said “It’s like GPS for healthcare.”

Doctors provide patients with an interactive guide to their medical care via the platform and then monitor their progress. Patients are educated about what’s going on and are reminded about key steps in their care and notified about potential problems. AI drives improvements to the system and adds risk prediction features by training “the artificial brain to recognize complex patterns.”

The Omni channel

Charlotte-based Botsplash is a software as a service messaging platform aimed at improving communications between consumers and businesses. It’s “Omni-channel” platform works across multiple digital channels.  The AI and machine learning tech behind Botsplash helps agents understand customer’s needs and content they want. “It’s all about forecasting,” said CEO, Aru Anavekar.

She said the company is marketing its tech to financial advisors, mortgage lending and wealth management firms, among others.

“Customers are not one-time consumers,” she said. “We provide a framework to come back and reengage with them.”

Reducing wasted meeting time

Imaginovation’s first product aa a custom software shop, releasing its first AI driven product this year. Using AI and game theory, it rates meeting effectiveness via analysis of speech and provides suggestions and metrics to  reduce wasted time. CEO Pete Peranzo said it’s tech means no one has to take notes because it make a full transcript availabl along with analytics. The company has offices in Raleigh and Charlotte.

The transcript can be searched for topics and eliminates the need to take meeting notes. The technology uses game theory to topic effectiveness. The software as a service product does have some drawbacks, Peranzo admitted, noting its text to speech feature is less than perfect, but they continue to work on it.

Improving concussion treatment

Sportgait evolved from research by Dr. Mark Williams 30 years ago. He wondered why some patients with various orthopedic and neurological conditions had subtle differences in manual skills and their gait. He hypothesized that it might be possible to create a way to objectively evaluate such patients via automated technology.

Sportgate app on a mobile phone. Copyright Sportgait.

Sportgait distributes tools that help non-medical professionals identify and monitor concussion and recovery while diverting all medical evaluations and diagnosis to medical providers. It enables informed diagnostic decisions with normative and personalized data, followed by customizable best practice recovery regiments.

SportGait’s CMP manages concussion from patient acquisition through referral and recovery.Patients are delivered to SportGait Medical Partners who we equip and train to administer SportGait Brain Physical Baselines, evaluations, and recovery visits. Actionable data is gathered, and a standardized approach is presented for doctors to determine next steps, explained Sportgait President and CEO, Chris Newton.

Automating mass comms

Ten8Tech creates intelligent, automated communications products for public service. It automates massive inbound communications so that multilingual voice, mobile, text and web conversations can occur simultaneously.

Technology can make engagement between law enforcement and citizens more impactful, said Anthony Formhals, CEO and cofounder.

The Wilmington-based company created VictimLink to help report sexual assault cases, and ProText My School, a “text-in, evaluate, and respond” system that automatically evaluates information to help manage campus safety. It offers services free to providers.

The company works with law enforcement agencies and other public service providers.