RALEIGH – Information about more than 2.5 million North Carolinians on Facebook was shared with Cambridge Analytica and others in a data scandal that has rocked the Internet giant and social media.

So said Attorney General Josh Stein on Wednesday as he continues his investigation into Facebook.

In March, Stein joined 36 attorneys generals from other states in demanding answers from Facebook about the scandal.

Stein said Wednesday that Facebook had provided the information as his investigation into Facebook’s business practices and privacy protections continued.

His office said the 2.5 million number was an estimate.

“People aren’t expecting to trade their privacy for a Facebook page,” Stein announced. “As a result of my investigation, we now know that more than 2.5 million North Carolinians may have been impacted by this breach. I will continue my investigation into Facebook’s policies to make sure that we are adequately protected in the future.”

Facebookhas estimated that the data of more than 70 million users was shared with Cambridge Analytica, the U.K.-based firm which earlier this week declared bankruptcy