RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Infosys, a global information technology services provider with a growing presence in the Triangle, will build what it calls a new US Education Center and add 1,000 new jobs in Indianapolis.


Whether North Carolina was in the bidding for the project is unclear, even though Infosys plans to hire up to 2,000 people in Raleigh for another operation.

“We were not involved in the project announced today in Indianapolis,” said David Rhoades, communications director for the North Carolina Department of Commerce in a statement provided to WRAL TechWire when asked if the state had pursued the project.

The company, which is based in India, says it will invest $35 million in the first stage of development on a 70.5-acre site at a former Indianapolis airport terminal. Plans call for beginning construction of a training center that will include a “residential facility” for 250 people before the end of this year.

The center ‘s programs will focus on user experience, cloud, big data, and core technology and computer science skills, the company said.

The firm was already committed to hiring 2,000 people in Indianapolis.

“We are excited to partner with Indiana to grow our U.S. presence by building our U.S. Education Center here, which is dedicated to continuous learning and incubating the skills of the future,” said Ravi Kumar, president of Infosys. “At Infosys, we have always invested in advanced technology and skills and bring deep experience from running the largest corporate training facility in the world. Our new Indianapolis facility will prepare our American employees-and those of our clients-to master the kinds of advanced skills that are now required to succeed in our digital future.”

Infosys reiterated that it is committed to hiring 10,000 people across the US.

Infosys said last September that it will create a  2,000-person operations hub in the Brier Creek area of Raleigh.

“This is a very exciting milestone for us,” Kumar said during a news conference at the State Capitol with Gov. Roy Cooper and Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane.

The company plans to start with a 500-person base in Brier Creek but will have 2,000 people working at the operations hub by 2021, Kumar said.

Before the announcement, Infosys said it already had 1,200 people working in North Carolina.