RALEIGH – StartingBloc, an organization focused on leadership development which is led by N.C. State graduate Kristine Sloan, is accepting applications through April 5 for its first StartingBloc Institute in the Triangle.

The five-day fellowship program begins June 21. The initial deadline is for “priority” applications that include certain additional benefits such as preferred lodging and childcare lists.

Sloan was promoted to CEO from interim CEO in February. StartingBloc also is now based in Raleigh.

“Through our Fellowship program, we convene, support, and grow leaders from high-potential to high-impact,” the group says.

“As a result of StartingBloc, Fellows report growth in their professional networks, greater clarity of purpose, and transitioning into leadership positions.”

StartingBloc now has more than 2,800 Fellows spread across 56 countries.

The six guiding principals of StartingBloc are:

1. All beings have potential that needs to be unearthed.
2. That the graceful embodiment of power is transformative.
3. That radical generosity is sacred.
4. In staying curious.
5. That going further and deeper requires commitment to presence.
6. That the liberation of one is bound to the liberation of all.

Institutes are also scheduled this year in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and New York.

The program

Here’s StartingBloc’s description of the Institute program:

  • Day 1: Off the Bloc 

Fellows learn to integrate the principles of Transformative Action, Deep Connections, and Cultivating New Creativity into their work to build a foundation for greater impact.

  • Day 2: Owning Your Vision

Fellows learn cutting-edge tools for effectively manage paradoxical values and hone in on the next chapter of their personal and professional vision.

  • Day 3: Taking Action

Local organizations and companies bring their real-life challenges and opportunities to the Institute for this day of action. Teams of Fellows learn and immediately apply Human Centered Design skills to create new viable solutions.

  • Day 4: Pass the Mic

Fellows map and integrate around the topic of identity as a path to deepening the inclusivity of the work they seek to accomplish in the world. Fellows apply the lens of inclusion to processes such as Change Management, Team Cohesion, and Community Care, among others. For the second half of this day, Fellows have the opportunity to lead workshops of their own design.

  • Day 5: The Road Ahead

Fellows learn how to reach their objectives more effectively through empowered networking and effectively engaging the 2,800+ Fellowship community post-Institute.