At the top of the show, the team jumps into the top stories on WRAL TechWire, including Walmart coming for Amazon’s real estate when it comes to same-day delivery and the possibility of Google acquiring RedHat.

One of the bigger stories TechWire and the Internet at large is the FTC investigation of Facebook. Jason gives us the low down on the sketchiness of the Cambridge Analytica’s involvement in our recent U.S. elections and where they are getting your information from.

Michael, Jason and Laura talk Amazon Watch 2018 by responding to fan questions and comments concerning a recent article about the Triangle’s Achilles’ heel when it comes to seeing HQ2 in the Triangle. And the team debates which is worse for the Triangle — HB2 or afternoon traffic.

The crew finishes up the show by talking to Molly Demarest about the job landscape, and how Big Top is helping to remove bias from the hiring process. Could that innovation also revolutionize the dating scene?