RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Two years after launching its U.S. subsidiary MP Pharma Services in Research Triangle Park, MedPharm has expanded its workforce and invested nearly $1M in new technology at the R&D facility. The U.K.-based company provides performance testing of topical and transdermal drug formulations and other contract services.

The company recently announced that it has expanded its workforce in RTP, hiring 20 new scientists and support staff.

In addition to workforce expansion, the company has also invested nearly $1M in the latest Hamilton Vantage robot. According to MedPharm, the robot has increased sample throughput and analytical sensitivity, while improving reproducibility. The new technology, the first of its kind in the Southeast, will allow the company to meet growing demand for its services.

“This significant investment in both equipment and staff highlights MedPharm’s determination to expand our capabilities to meet growing customer demand for our services and also to stay at the forefront of the technology beneficial to the sectors in which we operate,” said Dr. Jon Lenn, MedPharm’s senior vice president of U.S. operations, in a statement. “As regulatory demands increase, this new equipment allows us to maintain our leading edge in the pharmaceutical formulation development and testing sectors for topical and transdermal products.”

MedPharm was formed more than 20 years ago in Guildford, England and is a global leader in dermatology, nail, mucosal membrane and transdermal product development. Today, the company operates R&D centers in the U.S. and U.K.