RALEIGH – Justin Miller and Tom Simon have launched a kickstarter fundraising campaign for their pet treats startup Zookies Cookies with the goal of raising $25,000 over the next month. If successful, the partners plan to hire an additional person and ramp up production of the treats, which Miller and Simon began selling shortly after Miller sold his previous startup WedPics.

“This is a real fit” for the company, given the consumer products offered by Zookies to use Kickstarter to raise funds, Miller tells WRAL TechWire.

He’s already made a “pretty massive overhaul” of treat offerings, including a smaller package of treat ingredients that still “yields three dozen cookies.” Miller and Simon also continue to do “lots of testing” to see what customers prefer for their pet treats.

But the goal remains the same: “Hopefully we’re aiming to change the way people are ‘treating’ pets. People call dogs man’s best friend, but the way they ‘treat’ them is horrific.”

Miller and Simon say their treats are much healthier and therefore better for pets.

Ingredients come in a jar. Mix with water. Bake for 45 minutes. Treats are ready to be served.

People participating in the fundraiser are offered a variety of premiums, ranging from a custom bandana to shirts and custom apparel.

And for $5,000, Zookies will throw a party in the hometown of the donor for up to 20 BFFs (Best Fur Friends.)

The partners are focused on the startup fill-time and have office space in Raleigh.