RALEIGH – LigaTrap Technologies has finalized a licensing agreement for three of North Carolina State University’s patents with the Office of Technology Transfer.  The licensed patents will allow the company to expand its existing Protein Purification Platform and further expand product offerings.


These licensing of these patents, perfected over the past 10 years by a team of scientists lead by Dr. Ruben Carbonell and Dr. Stefano Menegatti of NC State University, will further solidify the relationship between LigaTrap and North Carolina State’s Chemical Engineering Group, and open additional research and commercialization opportunities for the company.  These patents will add to the LigaTrap Patented Protein Purification Platform that provides significant benefits in the processing of antibodies and proteins for used in the research, therapeutic, and diagnostic markets.

“We believe our partnership with North Carolina State University and the licensing of these patents will provide researchers and customers with more and better tools to help in the discovery and development of therapeutics, diagnostics, and medical devices as well as allow us to expand our current product line”, said Dr. Michael Crapanzano, the firm’s CEO.

The intellectual property covered by these patents is significant, with numerous applications in human and animal biopharmaceutical research that will improve upon and extend the utility of currently available tools for protein and antibody separation.

In less than two years LigaTrap has secured over $1.5 million in private funding from investors and has continued to bring a steady flow of antibody purification products to market.  The products are based upon their proprietary technologies which allow researchers and manufacturers a more efficient way to separate and purify proteins and antibodies from complex biological mixtures than current, conventional methods.  The addition of this intellectual property further solidifies LigaTrap’s unique position in the life sciences market, and the company believes that the partnership with NC State will help advance their customer’s research and product development.

In 2016 LigaTrap moved their manufacturing and research facility from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is currently co-located at the ImmunoReagents, Inc. in RTP.  ImmunoReagents is a locally-based leading manufacturer and distributor of antibodies and reagents used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life science research, and in vitro diagnostics industries and a trusted partner to LigaTrap.

“We are very excited about our recent licensing agreement with NC State and believe that these patents are a perfect complement to our existing intellectual property strategy. The additional IP will allow us a greater flexibility and capability to deliver a more diverse and robust portfolio of affinity purification resins to market”, said Dr. Tee Bordelon, LigaTrap Technologies’ Chief Scientific Officer.

More information can be found at www.ligatrap.com.

Note: Joe Magno is executive director of the North Carolina Center of Innovation Network.