Syngenta has acquired Raleigh-based FarmShots Inc., a company that evaluates plant health by analyzing light from high resolution satellite images.

The cloud-based software helps farmers quickly and accurately spot field issues such as insect feeding, poor plant nutrition, diseases, weeds, and environmental damage.

FarmShots images provide plant health information by analyzing light absorption. The company uses cloud-based software and interfaces to create images that give indications of field conditions.

“FarmShots is a new and unique service that helps us deliver on our commitment to further develop farm management and crop decision-making tools,” said Dan Burdett, Syngenta head, global digital agriculture in a statement. “We expect to incorporate FarmShots into our digital portfolio and rapidly accelerate growth from the current eight million enrolled acres in the United States, and globally soon after.”

The system can be used on a variety of devices including mobile phones and laptops for access to the data.

Syngenta plans to integrate FarmShots into its AriEdge Excelsior, its U.S. farm management system it intends to make a global program.