RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Veteran entrepreneur and investor Mark Easley. who lobbied hard to win crowdfunding legislation approval in 2016, and Localstake NC, which recently began operating in North Carolina, are putting on a series of free seminars designed to help startups or existing firms learn how to raise money from investors.

Mark Easley headshot

Mark Easley

“At these seminars you will learn about how investment crowdfunding works, how to get funding for your company using the Localstake NC platform, and how to find investors,” Easley says.

“These seminars will be held at various locations around the state in conjunction with our crowdfunding partners.”

The first seminar is set for Thursday in Winston-Salem: Fund Your Startup or Existing Business Using Investment Crowdfunding

The next is Feb. 15 in Cary: Fund Your Startup or Exisiting Business Using Investment Crowdfunding

And the series continues on March 7 in Research Triangle Park at The Frontier: Fund Your Startup or Existing Business Using Investment Crowdfunding

“Investment crowdfunding has been growing significantly around the nation, with billions of dollars raised across many different platforms. Now it’s our turn North Carolina,” Easley notes in a newsletter touting the events.

“Localstake NC is the first investment crowdfunding platform exclusively serving North Carolina. Startups and existing businesses ranging from technology startups to retail shops and restaurants can use the platform to raise money to get a company started or to help it grow. A variety of equity and debt offerings can be made using various securities law exemptions, including the new NC PACES Act investment crowdfunding law, which provides a great new innovative option for raising money from all North Carolina residents.”

Easley also has launched CrowdfundNC to tout crowdfunding education and opportunities.