RALEIGH – Alice Hershberger and her husband have been renting a room of their home on Airbnb for almost three years.


“I filled out my profile and pressed send to post it and we had our first guest within hours,” she said. “He came that night and we’ve been busy ever since.”

What started as a way to make a little extra cash has morphed into much more with the guest bed reserved 92 percent of the time last year. Hershberger said she makes a little less than “a teacher’s salary,” and only works part-time hours.

“It’s turned into my part-time job because it takes me almost 30 hours a week,” Hershberger said. “We are busy all the time with all of our bookings.”

Hershberger is not alone.

Residents of North Carolina made almost $97 million with Airbnb last year. As expected, about 20 percent of that came from listings in Asheville, N.C., but the Triangle is also bringing in the dollars, according to new figures released recently.

That’s up from $51 million in 2016.

Raleigh residents brought in $3.8 million, followed closely by Durham at $3.1 million and Chapel Hill at $1.7 million.

Airbnb says it has nearly 100,000 listings across N.C. Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 metros:

1 Charlotte 1,832
2 Asheville 1,602
3 Raleigh 756
4 Durham 727
5 Wilmington 617
6 Banner Elk 365
7 Wrightsville Beach 348
8 Greensboro 346
9 Chapel Hill 343
10 Carolina Beach 316

Hershberger says she sees a lot of business from people hoping to move to the area who are in town doing research.

“People who are coming to stay while they figure out where they are going to live permanently,” she said. “Considering the housing market the way it is, we had an opportunity and we provided the best space because they can live in our neighborhood and can talk to people who know about Durham.”

Airbnb has been a controversial topic in the city of Raleigh recently.

Last fall, the Raleigh City Council tried to move forward with regulations, but they didn’t have the votes. That makes the future uncertain for those renting out rooms in the city.