IBM is investing heavily in the potential of quantum computing, and a new video showcases Big Blue’s new Q Network that focuses on turning the promise of so-called “qubits” – the particles kept at temperatures colder than space that are the building blocks to what advocates say will be supercomputers that rival the human brain.

Inside IBM’s quantum network

The video, says IBM, welcomes visitors to a tour of sights and sounds – especially sounds – of its Q Network at work.

“IBM Q Network collaborators will work with IBM scientists and engineers to explore potential applications for quantum systems. Grab your headphones and listen to the first IBM Q computation center in an immersive 360 sound experience,” Big Blue says.

But not everyone is a beliver in the power of Q – yet.

“While there’s plenty of hype about quantum computing, the actual machines we’ve made to date are too slow and temperamental to be of practical use. Meanwhile, experts say commercial companies are making unjustified claims about their hardware, and there’s not even any consensus on whether or not we’re building the right type of quantum computer. All of which is to say: don’t hold your breath waiting for the Age of Quantum,” says The Verge.