The new crowdfunding website LocalstakeNC offers a four-step process to help startups raise as much as $2 million. But it’s not free.

A variety of fees are charged at each step, including a mix of one-time and monthly charges as well as a flat percentage of funds raised.

Serial investor and crowdfunding advocate Mark Easley announced the launch of LocalstakeNC on Tuesday.

Here are the four steps:

  • Phase 1: Cash Flow Analysis

Phase 1 Pricing: $79 / month

Review your current financial situation and make plans for future financing using our cash flow tools.

Cash flow analysis
Connect directly to your bank and accounting data
Select from a variety of fundraising structures and terms
Dedicated customer support and advisory via e-mail
Benchmark your financial projections to industry data
Business plan and investor pitch creation tools
  • Phase 2: Fundraise Setup

Phase 2 Pricing:  $199 / month + one-time $1,000

Build out your business plan and profile.

Market-ready legal docs from Localstake NC
Compliance review
Dedicated customer support and best practice advisory via e-mail and phone
Integrate and upload contacts
Measure investor demand
Optimize investment terms through investor feedback
Communicate and track engagement with your target investor audience
  • Phase 3: Fundraising

Phase 3 Pricing:  $199 / month + up to 5% of funds raised (less one-time $1k fee)

Market your fundraise, connect with investors, sign investment documents, and transfer funds. Localstake NC will verify the eligibility of all investors.

Raise funds from accredited and non-accredited investors
Raise up to $2 million
Investor Verification
Collect electronic signatures
Single investor option
Managed regulatory filings and compliance
Broadcast your fundraise to your social media connections
Your fundraise will be publicly available.
  • Phase 4: Post-Fundraise

Phase 4 Pricing: 1% of funds distributed

Once you’ve fundraised, use Localstake NC to distribute funds to investors (as applicable) and communicate with your investors.

 Dedicated customer support and advisory via e-mail
Provide investor updates
Make payments to investors
Investor management
Continue to connect with new and existing investors