Scott Moody’s four-year dream dream of making the “Internet of You” rather than the “Internet of Things” became closer to reality on Monday.

K4Connect has landed a contract with Kisco Senior Living, thus taking its home automation and social engagement solutions for older people and those living with disabilities, from coast to coast.

“In terms of both the number or communities and the breadth of their locations, this is in fact our largest contract,” notes K4Connect founder and CEO Scott Moody.

“It highlights both our ability to scale in terms of both the number of people served, as well as our geographic reach with communities from Florida to California (of course along with communities in Raleigh and Greensboro NC)!”

A four-state deal

The deal means K4Connect, which landed $8 million from Intel in October of 2016, will be providing services to some 3,000 people across Kisco centers in:

  • Anaheim, Calif.
  • Corona, Calif.
  • Escondido, Calif.
  • Los Altos, Calif.
  • Orange, Calif.
  • Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.
  • San Rafael, Calif.
  • Walnut Creek, Calif.
  • Greensboro, N.C. (2)
  • Raleigh, N.C. (3)
  • Melbourne, Fla.
  • Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
  • Virginia Beach, Va.

The K4 system enables users to manage their lives from heating and cooling to communication via its app solution.

Partner rather than customer

Rather than seeing the agreement purely in financial terms, Moody says the relationship between his firm and Kisco is a “partnership.” Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“We see every relationship we have with a Senior Living Community operator as much more of a partnership, serving older adults, than simply some kind of supplier/buyer relationship.,” Moody explains.

“At the core is that Kisco and K4Connect share the same mission, improving the lives of older adults, and we do that as a team.

“Of course, using technology, we serve the residents of communities by making their lives, what we call, Simpler, Healthier and Happier. But we do that in conjunction with the staff of the communities who provide hands on care and support. Our technology helps the staff be more productive, allowing them to have more personal time with the residents they serve.”

  • VIDEO: Watch a video about K4Connect’s technology at

Kisco expanded an existing agreement with K4Connect that covered a test program with its Magnolia Glen community in Raleigh.

From pilot to contract

“Early on we did a technology evaluation pilot with Kisco at their local Raleigh community, Magnolia Glen,” Moody said when asked how the deal came about.

“We worked with some wonderful staff members and residents who frankly helped us learn a great deal. Given the success of that pilot, Kisco decided to integrate our product, K4Community, as part of their new community over in North Hills, The Cardinal. Since opening early this year, the program has gone exceedingly well and as a result, Kisco decided to expand the program in their communities across the country.”

K4Connect notes that 79 percent of residents at The Cardinal are regular users.

“It was an easy decision to expand K4Community across our multiple senior living communities, as our residents have not only successfully embraced the technology, but we’ve truly been impressed by K4Connect’s support and their mission-driven orientation to serve our residents,” said Terri Novak, Chief Operating Officer of Kisco Senior Living., in the deal announcement.

“We see this as a long term partnership – given K4Community’s ‘plug and play nature’ capabilities and their ability to continue to integrate new features and technologies.”