Your mobile device and apps will soon be part of the rapidly approaching world in which artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality – the three acronyms of the next future – “touches” every piece of software. So says a top marketing executive at IBM Watson where a great deal of the world’s research into the AI, VR and AR world is taking place.

“In the next three to five years, every piece of software you touch will have some form of AI or machine learning capability,” Mark Trapani explained at the Internet Summit on Thursday. “Many are already using it for auto correct features and apps that learn your behavior to optimize your personal experience.”

The good news?

“We are living in a golden age of marketing. Everyone is on digital channels. Marketers know more about their customers than ever before. But there are dark corners in all these data elements.”

AI will help illuminate them, said Trapani, part of the IBM Watson Marketing team.

While many focus on the effect AI can have on the customer’s experience on mobile, it’s interesting to think about what it can do for the marketer’s experience, he said. “What if you never had to run a query again but just asked an intelligent voice assistant, ‘How is my campaign doing and how does it compare to last year?’ What if you could predict how your message will make your customer feel?”

Phones will also power virtual and augmented reality experiences, he said. “Mobile is going to have a really important part to play in this VR/AR future.”

VR/AR will provide new, immersive ways to play games, conduct business and do marketing. “Marketers will use it,” he said, but cautioned, “Keep it fun.”

It’s not just technology that’s changing so much, however, Trapani added. “It’s customer behavior. If you told me ten years ago the best camera you owned would be on your phone, I would have been doubtful. We need to start thinking ten years ahead and assume it will move us to something entirely different.”