Lenovo is ramping up its efforts to capitalize on growing interest in artificial intelligence with the opening of three “innovation centers.”

One will be located in Morrisville.

Lenovo says AI can help solve the “biggest business or humanitarian challenges” and is making AI a part of $1.2 billion investment in research and development efforts.

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“We believe that machines will not replace humans, but augment and aid our actions in every aspect of life, a vision which we call augmented intelligence. Working with AI is a complex undertaking. It requires significant processing power and a level of technical expertise and talent that’s often not readily available to our customers,” said Madhu Matta, vice president and general manager for artificial intelligence and high performance computing at Lenovo.

“We’ve created an end-to-end ecosystem that allows us to support our customers every step of the way as they explore AI strategies and unleash the power of augmented intelligence.”

  • VIDEO: Watch an overview of Lenovo’s AI efforts at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGzX198Rm60

The move gives a boost to the global technology conglomerate’s North Carolina operations. It maintains one of its two headquarters in Morrisville, and its data center business is based in the Triangle.

The other AI centers will be based in Germany and in Beijing, where Lenovo maintains its other HQ.

More than 100 scientists and developers will be involved in the centers as part of Lenovo’s continuing efforts to boost AI development, the company announced Tuesday at a supercomputing conference in Denver.

Lenovp says customers “can access innovation center services remotely and have the opportunity to test and refine applications and workloads on a variety of systems optimized for high-performance.”