Cucalorus, the rebranded film festival in Wilmington, has been expanded to include a two-day technology and innovation conference. Cucalorus Connect is set for Nov. 9-10.

The festival also will include film and theater events from Nov. 8-12.

Cucalorus comes from the Greek word kukaloris [“the dance of the shadows”} a,d refers to a film set apparatus placed in front of a light source to create a dappled lighting effect on a subject or background. This is the 23rd year annual event.

The Connect event is being led by former Lenovo and IBM executive Tom Looney, who heads the Connect executive board.

Programs will include a series of speakers, workshops, networking and more.

Highlights for Connect include:

  • Branded Video Showcase

Original, creative content is essential for successful, international brands. See examples and speak with the creators to make this valuable tool work for your business.

  • Cape Fear Women In Tech Show and Tell

Cape Fear Women in Tech is bringing a new challenge to our members for Cucalorus — a grown-up show and tell! Come to see members present their latest projects.

  • Collaboration Fuels Design Innovation & Social Change

Collaborating with experts across diverse disciplines leads to revolutionary new products, technologies and methodologies— join Aly Khalifa, Designbox and Andrew Williams, Elite Innovations on how to leverage your networks.

  • Corning Incorporated: Connecting the Digital Economy

Today’s world depends on fast-flowing information, and plenty of it — Corning continues to revolutionize the way data keeps moving. Corning helped enable the Internet explosion when our scientists developed…

  • Crowdfunding your next fundraiser: The new N.C. options

Leo John, Business and Investor Outreach Legal Specialist at N.C. Department of Secretary of State

Because of legislation passed by the N.C. General Assembly in July 2016, startups in North Carolina can now raise up to $2 million from average investors using their own web sites.

  • Cucalorus Kickoff Party

Startup hub TekMountain hosts a night of fun and festivities to kickoff the 23rd annual Cucalorus Festival!

  • Data and the Mobile Ecosystem: What’s Next?

Paul Palmieri and Tom Looney will lead the session. Palmieri is an entrepreneur and early stage investor. Paul will be joined by Looney in a fireside chat, covering subjects like Paul’s current investment thesis.

  • DisruptHer: Women Leaders Are Transforming Their Industries

Emily Louise Smith, Cassidy Lamb, Annemarie Petroff lead the session. Market disruptors have paved the way for innovation across a range of industries. In this panel, women leaders in media, technology, clinical research, the arts, and education share their perspectives.

  • Employment Branding: Attracting the Right People through Culture

Jill Harrington, David Hitchcock, and Patrick Smithof nCino lead the session. At nCino, the culture is the fabric of what we do and is evident in every aspect of our business – from the product we innovate to the people.

  • Enhance your digital customer experiences: Take your data seriously.

As you battle to keep the average consumer’s diminished attention span, you must also embrace multichannel and multiscreen behaviors to create relevant content and foster meaningful audience engagement.

  • From the First Light Bulb to the Industrial Internet – An Innovation Journey

Founded by Thomas Edison 125 years ago, GE has grown to be a global conglomerate with more than 330,000 employees worldwide. Today, it is reinventing itself and leading the Industrial Internet.

  • Giving New Life and Memory to Metal

Pete Peterson, Lisa Ferrara, Bruce Mancinelli of Lucid Innovative Technologies,, present.

  • Hustle in Comfort

Dory Weiss and Mike Bonner present. Software teams don’t need to choose between providing a great workplace or pushing hard to build great products; they can do both.

  • If it makes you uncomfortable, we should probably talk about it.

Claire Wasserman leads the talk. This talk will be about how I created an organization and community of more than 8,000 women from all over the world who come together online.

  • Inspiration: Five Stories

Raleigh entrepreneur Scott Moody presents Five Stories. Five ordinary people. From a funeral in the middle of rural America, to a coffee shop in the middle of Africa. The people that made a difference in…

  • Intuition, Character and Innovation in Teams, Business and the Digital Economy

What makes a great team?, a custom logo apparel and promotional products company based in Wilmington, NC, has spent 35 years answering that question – using the work of…

  • LimbForge: Digital Transformation & 3D Prosthetic Technology for the Developing World

Grace Mastalli and Sam Hobish lead the discussion. Millions of amputees around the world do not have access to prosthetic care.

  • Making Waves in Global Seafood Sustainability

Join Fish 2.0 International Competition, InnovateSENC, and Sandbar Oyster Company to discuss current trends and concerns in the coastal oyster farming industry.

Learn more about the conference at:

Connect Conference