​Duke University Professor Cam Harvey has a problem with journalists who cover blockchain. He also has a problem with CEOs, ICOs and the banking industry as a whole.

Harvey is annoyed about a lot of things, actually.

During his hour-and-change exchange with attendees of the first BlockHack Conference and Hackathon he took some not-so-insignificant time to throw some not-so-subtle shade around. He’s open about his “aggressiveness” in discussion, but that term might not adequately describe his incendiary manner of speech.

The writers who try to explain the aforementioned technology, CEOs and businesses who use blockchain to exploit interested but clueless investors and people blowing up his email with requests for “a quick chat about blockchain” were all in his crosshairs during his time with the roughly hundred or so attendees at Duke’s I&E Bullpen space.

Harvey is one of the leading figures in the business of blockchain and runs an annual course at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business that’s been profiled in the Financial Times. Before his keynote, given in place of Congressman Patrick McHenry who had to cancel due to a family emergency, he was on the phone with the Wall Street Journal for his take on Bitcoin derivatives.

That Friday night he was out to squash the myths about blockchain, cryptocurrency and the rise of a decentralized economy. It was a lot to pack in an hour-long keynote.

While one of the most outspoken advocates for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, even claiming that a peer-to-peer crypto-based financial system would mean that “a bail-out will never again be necessary in the future”, he lent his time and expertise to discussing some of the pitfalls in the industry too.

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