WRAL TechWire’s next Executive Exchange event will focus on the City of Wilson and the “Evolution of a Smarter City.”

As the smart cities movement spreads across the U.S., Wilson proves that businesses and citizens in major metropolitan cities are not the only beneficiaries of gigabit technology and the innovation it fosters.

No matter the size, architecting a smart city is a community effort requiring a shared vision and unwavering focus. This WRAL TechWire Executive Exchange convenes city, industry, and academic leaders in the heart of downtown Wilson to share the strategies and ideas powering the city’s evolution and journey to become even smarter and more connected.

The Nov. 1 event begins at 8 am and ends at 12 pm at the Edna Boykin Cultural Center.

Confirmed Speakers as of October 2

Keynote: Susan Crawford, John A. Reilly Clinical Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

Panel: The future of Smart City technology

  • Gail M. Roper, Regional Expansion Specialist, SE Google Fiber Expansion
  • Taylor Kirby, Founder & President, Triangle UAS
  • Andy Fusco, VP of Member Services & Corporate Planning, ElectriCities

Panel: Creating a Smart City culture

  • Gary Daynes, Provost, Barton College
  • Jon Rennie, CEO, Peak Demand

Event details: