“If you’ve ever watched a sporting event and wanted to rant about a play, a call, or a commentator, then SpokeHub is for you. The free app allows social media users to have a more intimate, in-depth conversation with other users who care about a specific topic.”

That’s the promise of SpokeHub.

Addison Lalier reports for North Carolina Business News Wire that the recently launched Durham startup has raised $140,000 in a private stock offering, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

SpokeHub is a group-based mobile application that gives users the ability to create or join hubs around trending topics or areas of interest.

The app emphasizes the ability to create or join public or private hubs in order to provide a safe place for users to interact.

[VIDEO: Watch an overview about SpokeHub at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlsIbdGWbCU ]

The social media company intends to raise a total of $500,000, with $360,000 remaining to be sold.

What is SpokeHub?

SpokeHub is a group-based social media platform that gives users the ability to create or join public or private Hubs around trending topics or areas of interest. SpokeHub utilizes innovative group chat technology to foster a social network feel within groups.

SpokeHub features:

  • Adds connection and relevance to every conversation through the usage of public or private Hubs
  • Gives every user the opportunity to join conversations around topics of interest or create new conversations themselves.
  • Provides opportunity for paid premium users to respond directly to their fans and/or consumers in real-time.
  • Provides opportunity for teams, companies, and celebrities to gain direct access to engage their fan-base.
  • Brings rapid analytics to paying users for targeted marketing.

Source: Spokehub

Eight investors have participated in the round so far.

The funding is listed as debt.

Spokehub is led by CEO Robert Hartsfield and co-founders Doug Armstrong and Richard Berryman III.

Armstrong, also chief technology officer, is responsible for the development of the social media platform. Prior to SpokeHub, he started and ran a mobile-app development and consulting company.

Berryman has over eight years experience with software sales, and prior to co-founding SpokeHub, has worked with Avalara, ChannelAdvisor and Blackboard.

SpokeHub’s app is available for download on all iOS and Android devices.