A new report forecasts that billions of connected “things” will become part of wireless sensor networks through cloud services.

Some 7 billion devices will be part of the wireless IoT world according to ON World research.

A variety of factors are driving growth of these networks.

“Plummeting chipset prices, multi-protocol radios and free cloud infrastructure offerings will ensure more IoT devices are connected to the Internet than users within the next two years,” says Mareca Hatler, who is ON World’s research director. “This has accelerated IoT adoption as the network incompatibility argument fades away and applications become the primary differentiator.”

A variety of network technologies are helping fuel growth, ON reports.

“The latest trends include disruptive cellular IoT standards such as LTE-M and NB-IoT as well as unlicensed Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) technologies LoRa and Sigfox gaining market share. LPWAN developers have gained the most traction for smart cities, metering, agriculture, logistics, oil and gas and construction but are also targeting smart homes, buildings and wearables.”

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