Sixty startup profiles down, more to come.

As N.C. Governor Roy Cooper helped kick off the annual CED Tech Venture Conference in Raleigh on Tuesday with hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors from across the country gathering for the two-day event, WRAL TechWire continues to raise the profiles of many participating companies with a series of stories. Hope you are enjoying the binge – which continues today.

Five profiles published this morning lift the TechWire profile series to 60. They are:

  • FoodlogiQ
  • Broadvine
  • Yanay
  • eMind Science
  • Sportscale

Featured Tuesday afternoon:

  • DatClarity
  • TexDel
  • Tago
  • Smart Materials Solutions
  • All Elements

Added earlier Tuesday were:

  • Cloudadic, aiming to improve cloud security
  • Docsmore, taking clients paperless through the cloud (+ video)

From A to (almost) Z, TechWire has been publishing in-depth Q&As, photos, videos and more about startups that are participating in the annual conference. These stories are published in partnership with the CED.

The series launched on Aug. 10, and TechWire has picked up the pace, offering an online binge of startup content over the past two weeks.

The 60 profiles published to date are linked with this post.

More profiles are coming.

Keep binging!

The initial profiles

  • Startup profile: Airmika aims to protect ‘connected’ vehicles with cyberlock (+ video)
  • Startup profile: MindSumo matches students, employers through ‘challenges’ (+ video)
  • Startup profile: FuneralInsider aims to help families find ‘right’ funeral home (+ video)
  • Startup profile: SafeGuard Guaranty unveils marriage insurance
  • Startup profile: Jobalo aims to help high schoolers find jobs
  • Startup profile: LogistiVIEW takes aim at human factor in labor management via AR (+ video)
  • Startup profile: ProcessMaker, aiming to automate key business processes (+ video)
  • Startup profile: Raleigh startup eParamus aims to improve business training effectiveness (+ video)
  • Startup profile: NeuroPlus, aiming to improve cognitive skills (+ video)
  • Startup profile: Mesur, delivering in-ground environmental data (+ video)
  • Startup profile: BruVue, bringing IoT on tap to entire beer ecosystem
  • Startup profile: Care Directions, bringing actionable data to clinical visits (+ video)
  • Startup profile: Notable, an app to help employers find, retain handicapped employees (+ video)
  • Startup Binge week: Profiles galore for Tech Venture presenters
  • Startup profile: All Green Recycling, finding precious metals in tech scrap (+ video)
  • Startup profile: Apex startup delivering solutions for agile project management
  • Startup profile: Sideline Fantasy Sports, creating fantasy sports betting
  • Startup profile: Fluree, a Filipowski-led startup, targets ‘low-code’ cloud app development
  • Startup profile: Yetta Foundation, building a blockchain B2B protocol
  • Startup profile: uViiVa, aiming to transform aesthetic injectable market (+ video)
  • Startup profile: Compatica, targeting workplace incident data
  • Startup profile: MobiCompete, aiming for more engagement through mobile platforms
  • Startup profile: Klearly, an ‘interaction road map’ for B2B sales, marketing
  • Startup profile: Infinity Gates, an NCSU-backed bringing chaos theory to hardware for AI, IoT
  • Startup profile: Keen Decision Systems, providing a platform for better marketing decisions (+ video)
  • Startup profile: WellScale, aiming to help close sales of businesses
  • Startup profile: EmployUs, turning employee referrals into hires (+ video)
  • Startup profile: CloudPerceptions, providing ‘full-blown cloud security platform’
  • Startup profile: Voxelight, with its Sunscreenr, helps users properly apply sunscreen (+ video)
  • Startup profile: Allstacks, looking to boost software team performance
  • Startup profile: MVTrak, offering solutions to concussions, traumatic brain injury
  • Startup profile: StrongKey aims to make passwords ancient history
  • Startup profile: Impathiq, making smarter use of electronic medical records
  • Startup profile: Creative Allies, creating crowdsourcing campaigns for branding
  • Startup profile: Protopia, helping organizations find expertise across membership
  • Startup profile: NExS Software, led by NCSU vice provost, entrepreneur, takes his specialty (spreadsheets) into new territory + video
  • Startup profile: Ethitrans, a platform to protect customers and contractors during projects
  • Startup profile: Udu, making sense for enterprises from growing mountains of data, including ‘deep web’
  • Startup profile: Lumeova, delivering faster speeds for wireless data
  • Startup profile: CAARMO, providing on-demand maintenance for business fleets through IoT
  • Startup profile: Aware Sign, helping businesses update store info, monitoring via the net
  • Startup profile: WineAmp, looking to disrupt direct-to-consumer wine industry
  • Startup profile: TiO Home, aiming to make smart home tech easy to install, use (+ video)
  • Startup profile: Sense Photonics, developing radar sensors for autonomous vehicles
  • Startup profile: Xpertana, blending customer service and IoT
  • Startup profile: EasyVote Solutions, seeking to improve how local, state elections are run
  • Startup profile: Nuvotronics, advancing circuit boards with an eye on 5G
  • Startup profile: Cultivate, delivering digital marketing solutions (+ video)
  • Startup profile: Purillume, bringing back quality, brightness to hotel lighting (+ video)
  • Startup profile: Cloudadic, aiming to improve cloud security
  • Startup profile: Docsmore, taking clients paperless through the cloud (+ video)
  • Startup profile: DataClarity, making digital transformation real (+ video)

  • Startup profile: TexDel, delivering meds through garments

  • Startup profile: Tago, a platform to manage data through app, one system

  • Startup profile: Smart Material Solutions, commercializing nano-replication

  • Startup profile: All Elements, aiming to align employers, workforces (+ video)