Oh, Nikon.

The Japanese camera maker is under fire for hosting an advertising event that featured 32 professional photographers testing its new D850 camera.

One problem: All 32 photographers were men.

The absence of women was first spotted by photography blog Fstoppers.com, which sarcastically asked whether the camera was designed specifically for men.

A fierce backlash followed on social media.

“Hey Nikon: are you planning to release a version of the D850 for women? A pink one, maybe?” Juan Carlos Munoz, an amateur photographer, asked on Twitter.

Photojournalist Leah Voss also voiced her disappointment: “As a lifelong @NikonUSA shooter, this profile on 32 all male photographers is pretty disheartening.”

Nikon said in a statement that it wanted to “thank the community for raising this and challenging us.”

“Unfortunately, the female photographers we had invited for this meet were unable to attend, and we acknowledge we have not put enough of a focus on this area,” it added.

Nikon did not respond to questions about how many women were invited.

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Nikon said in its most recent annual report that only 10.6% of its employees are women. It has set itself the goal of boosting the share to 25% by 2021.