Startups Sense Photonics and WorkerSense have raised more capital, according to securities filings.

  • Sense Photonics funding update

Sense, which recently raised more than $3 million, added another $67,500 through a co-investment arranged by one of its backers IDEA Fund Partners in Durham.

Lister Delgado, IDEA Fund’s managing partner, confirmed the investment, which was first disclosed in an SEC filing.

The funding is a so-called “Equity Co-Investment” in which a private equity fund manager may either have to pass up the opportunity or offer it to some investors as an equity co-investment. Such investments also offer lower fees – or no fees.

IDEA Fund has been involved in several such investments over the past year.

  • Cary-based technology startup WorkerSense raises $50,000

Taylor Street, reporting for North Carolina Business News Wire, says that WorkerSense has raised $50,000 in a private equity offering, according to a filing Wednesday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The industrial technology startup company hopes to raise an additional $50,000 to make the total offering $100,000.

The company obtained the money from one sole investor in the form of debt and equity, according to the filing.

WorkerSense was founded in May 2016 by Canyon Dell’Omo while obtaining his undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering at Duke University.

While at Duke, Dell’Omo designed and prototyped the world’s first 3D geometric imaging phantom.

Dell’Omo was the leader of a grant funded ACL injury prevention research project aimed at using Bluetooth motion sensors and electrical simulation for gait adjustment.

WorkerSense uses a device that is easily attachable to a hard hat to study the daily operations of a company and deliver reports that enhance the effectiveness and safety of projects.

Under his leadership, WorkerSense has worked on problems in the construction industry.