With the market demand for drone technology continue to explode, Raleigh-based PrecisionHawk is hoping to cash in with a variety of new offerings.

Research firm Gartner projects the drone market to be worth more than $11 billion by 2020.

The Raleigh-based emerging entrepreneurial company raised $16 million in venture capital last year and in January named former Blackboard CEO Michael Chasen as its top executive.

On Wednesday, Chasen unveiled PrecisionHawk’s new product lineup with the focus remaining “on-demand aerial intelligence for enterprises in five verticals: construction, insurance, energy, government and agriculture.”

“PrecisionHawk is well-positioned to help businesses navigate the complex landscape of drone technology,” said Chasen, who replaced Red Hat co-founder and PrecisionHawk investor Bob Young as CEO. “As industry pioneers, from being the first to fly beyond-visual line of sight to building sophisticated geospatial products, our team is thinking beyond how business is done today to how it will be done in the future.”

New offerings include:

  • Smarter Construction Package – Generate as-built 3D models with photogrammetry data and integrate those models across all phases of a project from pre-construction to project hand-over.
  • Smarter Insurance Package – Create 3D imagery combined with analysis tools and modeling methods to quickly and efficiently deploy loss adjustment resources after a natural disaster or property damage following a wind, hail or fire event.
  • Smarter Energy Package – Cover a large area in a systematic way to map and assess the environment. inspect pipelines and power-lines to proactively identify encroachment and sink spots and inventory assets.
  • Smarter Government Package – Attach advanced sensors like LiDAR and Thermal to better understand, predict changes and plan for the built world and environment.
  • Smarter Agriculture Package- The original smarter package. Support major decision-making throughout the season such as optimizing inputs, reacting to threats, improving variable rate, increasing efficiency of crop scouting and estimating yield.

PrecisionHawk ipartners with drone manufacturer DJI, which tech publication Recode recently declared as “running away with the drone market.”

  • VIDEO: Watch an overview of PrecisionHawk’s PrecisionMapper at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuDiEyJ4rM4