Building hype keeps touting the new iPhone 8 that’s expected to be announced next week as the next-gen smartphone – and now a European firm is offering a way to make it even more special.: Gold plate it.

It’s the luxury gift for the “ungiftable!”

But if you thought the phone was expensive, prepare yourself for a pricey bling experience.

Goldgenie is making the offer, and just how much the golden bling will cost isn’t disclosed. (The news comes just a day after a new WalletHub survey found that most smartphone buyers aren’t interested in the new iPhone, especially if it’s $1,000. Maybe gold weill change minds?)

However, The Skinny checked Goldgenie’s website and found that encasing the iPhone 7 cost a whopping $3,250.

Add that upgrade to what already is expected to be a very expensive price from Apple ($1,000 or more) and your iPhone 8 would be worth north of $4 grand.

Plus, you have to send off the phone for the 24k gold to be applied.

Diamonds, too?

So, would you even risk taking it out of the lockbox after getting it back?

Well, guess that answer depends on where you want to show off your golden treasure – sort of like all those top-line Tesla owners who risk mud and rain to make sure your yuppie, boomer and millennial friends, coworkers, significant other – whatever.

Says Goldgenie:

“Wishing to make this an even bigger and more memorable event than it already is, Goldgenie, the world-renowned luxury gift brand, is going to offer possibly the first and only available gold embellished iPhone 8. This luxurious golden iPhone will be like no other, and as they will have probably the only customized version in the world, Goldgenie’s senior management team are certain that buyers will be anxiously waiting to place their orders.”

And you can reserve for a 50 percent down deposit – but so far Goldgenie won’t say how much that will be.

Not much is available about the new phone yet you shouldn’t worry. Goldgenie says its sources have helped them prepare for the process to clad your treasure.

“While Goldgenie is no stranger to the Apple line up of iPhones—having customized all previous models—the iPhone 8, with its abundance of glass elements is offering the Goldgenie team their biggest challenge to date, which will demand ultra-precision ‘hand’ styling,” Goldgenie declares.

Not sold on gold?

Goldgenie also will offer rose gold or platinum enhancements.

Then there are three diamond versions.


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