Is Red Hat Enterprise Linux the best solution for running your enterprise? After all, there are other forms of Linux available.

A major review compares five of the top offerings,.

“Linux distros are plentiful, and choosing the right server product can be a daunting task,” Network World reports.

“Red Hat is often synonymous with Linux for many in the IT community and with good reason,” the tech news site reports.

But …

“The OS itself starts at $349 per year, but once you add support and a management tools, it can add up in a hurry.”

Network World compares RHEL to Ubuntu LTS, Oracle Linux, Fedora Server, and SUSE Enterprise Server.

“All five products tested are designed and supported as server operating systems, and each product boasts a large user base. However, each of these products appeals to a different target audience,” Network explains.


  • Ubuntu: “The Landscape management tools are among the best in the business and allow administrators to manage literally tens of thousands of servers from one interface.”
  • Oracle: “Oracle Linux is the perfect match for those already running or planning to run other Oracle software, such as their databases or any of their many business applications.”
  • Fedora: “Fedora support is generally self-serve through online forums and excellent documentation from Fedora’s website.”
  • SUSE: “SLES is a multi-purpose server that has long been popular with Internet Service Providers for various Web-based workloads. SLES also has a small footprint version, cleverly named Just Enough Operating System (JEOS).”

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